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Premade book covers for Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Cyberpunk, Horror, Mystery, and similar genres.


Q: How do I buy a cover?
A: Use the form on the cover’s presentation page and in the drop-down list, select the one you want to buy. I will email you back and we can discuss title and font, format/s, spine width if you’re going for print, and any other changes you might want.

Q: Do you take commissions?
A: Unfortunately, I am unable to take commissions for the time being.

Q: There’s a cover I like, but it doesn’t fit my book perfectly. Can you change it so it works better for my specific needs?
A: I won’t remake the cover for you, but I can make some adjustments. Some changes are included in the price. Others are negotiable for a fee. You can read more about this under Pricing.

Q: Will you sell my cover to someone else? Or has someone bought my cover before me?
A: No and no. I only sell each cover once. If it’s sold, then it’s sold, and goes in the portfolio as an example of covers made and sold.

Q: Is each cover 100% unique?
A: Depends what you mean by “unique”. I do use 3D models from Daz3D.com, as well as stock art from Depositphotos.com. This means you may find individual elements of your cover on other people’s books, if their artist has used the same assets I have. But the design as a whole should be fairly unique.

Q: Can you make one of these covers into a series?
A: I believe I can for most covers, but there may be the odd exception. Look for details in each cover presentation.

Q: Why do you put paperback versions up there? What if I don’t need one?
A: I always make the paperback version first and use it as the basis of the ebook version. The reason being, it’s easier to crop an image than to splice on more in the same exact style. If you don’t need the paperback version, it’s not the world. I’ll take it down when you buy the ebook cover.

Q: Why do you charge more for the paperback versions? You said you made them before the ebook version. Why do I have to pay more for something you’d have made regardless?
A: Because of the work involved. Fitting a paperback cover includes calculating spine thickness, making colour adjustments, and often adding/adjusting the back blurb and spine title. You’re getting three (3) of these adjustments and the ebook cover included in the price of the paperback.