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Premade book covers for Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Cyberpunk, Horror, Mystery, and similar genres.


When you purchase a cover, certain changes are included in the price. The change of font is one I offer for no additional cost, provided I already own the licence, or the font is open-source.

If you want a specific font that I do not yet own, I can purchase the licence at cost price.

To help your decision, I have comprised a list of the fonts already available to me, along with a display of available fonts that may fit your genre.

Available fonts

Examples of fonts (per genre)

Fantasy / Paranormal

Fantasy Fonts

Fairytale / Cutesy

Fairytale Fonts

Weird West

Western Fonts

Generic Fonts

Generic Fonts

Sci-Fi / Cyberpunk

SciFi Fonts


Horror Fonts

Punk / Military

Military Fonts